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Master Sueding Machine Master Sueding Machine

Fabric Sueding Machine
Fabric Sueding Machine
Dry sueding and wet sueding can be selected as required.

The pressure adujustment of sueding can be controlled by motor individually with business.

When necessary, the pressure of sueding can be adjusted to make perfect result of sueding.

Abrasive cloth roller has been balanced rectified to make it operate stably and sued evently.

The special design not only make the abrasive cloth roller revolve but also make it shift evenly, make the sueding with excellent effect

The precise paddling roller makes water-pressure uniform and sueding evenly.

The emery cloth roller for specific control , the rotating direction and the select rotation number of which, can be set on your request.
The same direction design of getting cloth in and out makes it easy for the arrangement of operating space.
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